Gray Beard

Gray Beard

Gray Beard

Baby Statistics

High Five Lession

“Henry, you want to learn the trick to high fives.”
“Sure, I guess.” Henry is thinking did I do something wrong in the last high five.
“The trick is to concentrate on the other persons elbow.” Mary points to her elbow and gestures that time to practice. Henry nodes in agreement and ‘smack.’ One successful high five.

High five lession

High five lession

New Bamboo Pen Thing

I purchased a Bamboo tablet for drawing and I am teaching myself how to use it. It is not as easy as just writing but I am learning. This is the progress.

Thanks for your patients, Fishwich

New Glasses

So what do you think?

these in yellow gold finish with 10% yellow tint


I’m am going for that creepy pervert look, but not so creepy that you grapping for your pepper spray. But more like like you feel sorry for me. But in the back of your mind you kind of think that I might but so cool and ahead of the curve that you are secretely afraid to make fun of me because in 4 months you are going to have to eat you own words.

Grandma’s Muffin Top

At Grandma’s Bakery Bear would not eat the bottom of the muffin. I said “bear don’t waist the bottom of that muffin” but he just barked and demanded more muffin top!

Ruining Cookies for 1000 Years

Have you every bit into a cookie only to discover after your first bit it turn out what you though would be delicious chocolate morsels turn out to be warm gross raisins?
Ruining Cookies for 1000 Years